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90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Whatever your high altitude destination is, HIGH ALTITUDE RELIEF™ Capsules can help you prepare for the thin air even before you arrive in the Mile High City. The HIGH ALTITUDE RELIEF™ exclusive formula can help provide relief from altitude sickness whether you’re down here or up in the Rockies!

Relieve Symptoms

Helps reduce symptoms when traveling to high altitude.

Preventative Approach

Gets your total body ready for high altitude.

Boost Performance

Snowboard, ski, hike, and run your best at high altitude.


Real reviews from real customers. See what some of our customers are saying about us.

Average Review Rating:
<strong>Peter J.</strong> <em>Jun 7, 2019</em>

Got rid of my altitude sickness

By Peter J. Jun 7, 2019
Verified Purchase

We take two trips out west every year if we can, summer vacations in Colorado or Wyoming and winter vacations in Colorado or Utah. Flying into Denver with the mile high thin air has given me some mild symptoms of altitude sickness in the past. I used to just put up with it for a day or two before we went up to the mountains and usually another day of symptoms before I got acclimated to the higher altitude. I heard about High Altitude Relief from a friend and went online to learn more about it. I ordered a bottle and tried it this past summer in Denver and up in Jackson Hole and it really worked!

<strong>Sarah W.</strong> <em>Jun 2, 2019</em>

Feel so much better!

By Sarah W. Jun 2, 2019
Verified Purchase

I travel on business to Denver four times a year now from my home in Houston and although my headaches and other altitude sickness problems are not as bad as they were at first, they still were persisting. I heard about High Altitude Relief capsules from another passenger on a flight up to DIA and I just tried it for the first time on this trip and felt the difference and some real relief.

<strong>Charlene T.</strong> <em>May 26, 2019</em>

Vacation Saver

By Charlene T. May 26, 2019
Verified Purchase

My family vacations in Aspen every winter and although my husband never has any problems with the high altitude, my daughter and I have to plan for it each year. For the last few previous years we’ve been taking Ginkgo Biloba capsules and also Rhodiola Rosea capsules to minimize our altitude sickness. We found High Altitude Relief Capsules on the internet and saw that it has both in it. After looking at the benefits in just one capsule we’re going to order a bottle before we go out this year!

<strong>Don T.</strong> <em>May 20, 2019</em>

Great Product!

By Don T. May 20, 2019
Verified Purchase

Great Product!

<strong>Michael B.</strong> <em>May 12, 2019</em>

Works Wonderfully

By Michael B. May 12, 2019
Verified Purchase

I’ve been taking ski vacations to the Colorado Rockies for over twenty years. Coming from sea level I’ve always had a bit of a problem with altitude sickness I’ve had to deal with until now. Recommended by a fellow skier, this year I tried High Altitude Relief capsules and my symptoms were noticeably reduced.

<strong>Justin W.</strong> <em>Apr 26, 2019</em>

Trip to Peru

By Justin W. Apr 26, 2019
Verified Purchase

I went on a trip to the beautiful mountains of Peru with my wife over the summer and was worried about getting altitude sickness so I decided to give these capsules a try. After spending 7 days in Peru much of it hiking in the higher mountain areas, I did not experience any altitude sickness and felt great throughout my whole trip.

<strong>Nancy T.</strong> <em>Apr 11, 2019</em>

Sun Valley Trip

By Nancy T. Apr 11, 2019
Verified Purchase

I’ve had troubles in the past with altitude sickness and had a business meeting this time in Sun Valley, Idaho.  I didn’t take this product prior to my trip but took the recommended dosage on the day I arrived. I am extremely glad I bought this product I did not experience even the slightest bit of altitude sickness throughout my whole trip. This product is wonderful and I recommend it to anyone who is traveling to high altitude. Thank you HIGH ALTITUDE RELIEF!!

<strong>Tammy K.</strong> <em>Mar 12, 2019</em>

Seemed to work for me

By Tammy K. Mar 12, 2019
Verified Purchase

I love to go hiking in the mountains but sometimes I start to feel a bit sick but I wasn’t sure that the cause may be altitude sickness. When I took the capsules as directed this product really seemed to rid me of the uneasy feeling I was having before.

<strong>Jordan A.</strong> <em>Mar 6, 2019</em>

Altitude Sickness Sufferer

By Jordan A. Mar 6, 2019
Verified Purchase

I travel quite a bit to high elevation states and have often experienced altitude sickness in the past but after taking high altitude relief right before and during my trip it definitely helped control my symptoms.

<strong>Jessica P.</strong> <em>Jan 25, 2019</em>

Wonderful Product!

By Jessica P. Jan 25, 2019
Verified Purchase

No more altitude sickness for me!  This product really works!

<strong>Lisa N.</strong> <em>Jan 16, 2019</em>

Great Product

By Lisa N. Jan 16, 2019
Verified Purchase

My family and I took a trip to Utah last month and we were worried about getting altitude sickness. We took the recommended dosage before and during the trip as instructed on the bottle. To our relief none of us got altitude sickness throughout our 2 week stay.  If you are worried about getting altitude sickness I highly recommend this product to anybody who is traveling to the mountains!

<strong>Rob R.</strong> <em>Jan 4, 2019</em>

Wonderful for my wife and i on our ski trip

By Rob R. Jan 4, 2019
Verified Purchase

After getting altitude sickness on our last trip West my wife and I bought this product hoping it would help. High Altitude Relief capsules produced good results for me and I didn’t feel the usual symptoms of altitude sickness.  All and all these capsules worked well for me and I think they would for others.

<strong>Carol A.</strong> <em>Dec 1, 2018</em>

Didn't get altitude sickness

By Carol A. Dec 1, 2018
Verified Purchase

Didn’t get altitude sickness on my trip to Breckenridge

<strong>Pedro L.</strong> <em>Nov 9, 2018</em>

Just what i needed

By Pedro L. Nov 9, 2018
Verified Purchase

If it wasn’t for these capsules I would still be suffering from mountain sickness as I have in the past. I travel to higher elevations often and High Altitude Relief has been a trip saver for me more than once.

<strong>Janet C.</strong> <em>Oct 29, 2018</em>

Didn't get altitude sickness

By Janet C. Oct 29, 2018
Verified Purchase

I went on vacation to Colorado at the end of July for 2 months to visit friends. Within several days of arriving I started to feel ill and my friends told me that it could be altitude sickness because of how I was feeling. I took over the counter meds which helped very little so I thought I would look for a product for altitude sickness online. After looking at a few other products like oxygen cans and things I decided to buy these high altitude relief capsules. When I started taking the capsules I noticed that I was feeling better just after the second day.

<strong>Matt S.</strong> <em>Oct 12, 2018</em>

Trip to Vail (8000 ft.)

By Matt S. Oct 12, 2018
Verified Purchase

My wife and I took a trip to Vail, Colorado recently and having experience altitude sickness before I bought these capsules as a precautionary measure. Whether it was the capsules or not I didn’t get altitude sickness throughout my whole seven day stay.

<strong>Rachel O.</strong> <em>Oct 3, 2018</em>

Saved my trip!

By Rachel O. Oct 3, 2018
Verified Purchase

On previous vacations to the mountains I suffered from symptoms of altitude sickness.  Not this time!  If it wasn’t for high altitude relief capsules my trip would have been ruined again by altitude sickness.

<strong>Alejandro S.</strong> <em>Sep 25, 2018</em>

Hiking in the mountains

By Alejandro S. Sep 25, 2018
Verified Purchase

I live in Los Angeles and love to go hiking in the Sierra Nevada with my daughter but sometimes I start to feel a bit ill and we have to cut our hike short. I started taking this product a few days before my hikes and I no longer feel the sickness I was feeling before. This product is great!

<strong>Cassandra L.</strong> <em>Jul 23, 2018</em>

Worked great for my son!

By Cassandra L. Jul 23, 2018
Verified Purchase

My son Andrew would always get varying degrees of altitude sickness on our trips to Colorado.  On our last vacation he tried taking over the counter motion sickness tablets he bought before we left which did not help him much.  I then went online looking for dietary supplements that could help with his altitude sickness symptoms.  I found this product on Amazon and I’m glad I did and ordered it.  My son said it worked great and made for a much better time in the mountains on this vacation!

<strong>Gina B.</strong> <em>Jul 7, 2018</em>

Love this product

By Gina B. Jul 7, 2018
Verified Purchase

I absolutely love this product i travel a lot and take it with me wherever i go!

<strong>Ben S.</strong> <em>Jun 26, 2018</em>

Cross country skier

By Ben S. Jun 26, 2018
Verified Purchase

I have been cross country skiing now for many years and l have been taking dietary supplements for better health. At higher altitudes though I can get some altitude sickness.  I read up on High Altitude Relief capsules and being familiar with the ingredients it contains thought it could work for me.  It did and I now always keep it with me when I ski.

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