Team Of Dedicated Herbal Experts

Specializing in supplements for high altitudes our team of herbalists have years of experience producing high quality dietary supplements.  They are always seeking new ways to improve our customer experience by reducing the negative effects high altitudes can have on many travelers coming to Colorado or any other destination above 5,000 feet.  Our unique approach to formula development is key to providing the supplementation your body needs to function optimally when visiting higher altitude locations.  Our herbal experts combine knowledge with research to create supplements for high altitude that are safe and effective benefiting many high country visitors from lower elevations.

All Natural Supplements/Non-GMO/Vegetarian

Each ingredient in our products is manufactured to meet Pharmaceutical Grade Standards. Every ingredient is extensively tested to make sure it maintains its effectiveness in every capsule produced.  Our supplements for high altitude are manufactured at an FDA Registered Facility conforming to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards. Product quality and safety are what you can rely on with Parker Pharmaceutical supplements.  Made in the USA.

Why Choose Parker Supplements For High Altitude?

At Parker Pharmaceutical we strive to exceed expectations by providing our customers with the highest quality and purest supplements for high altitude.  HIGH ALTITUDE RELIEF and HIGH ALTITUDE SLEEP will help you to better enjoy your trip by providing your body with the relief it may need during your stay at higher altitude.  Each ingredient in our products is extensively researched and tested to ensure that every formula provides the added supplementation your body needs when traveling to elevations above 5,000 feet. Our high altitude products are guaranteed to be effective and safe for the consumer in every capsule produced.

Our mission at Parker Phamaceutical is to produce the highest quality and most beneficial products to help you become acclimatized at a faster rate thus further reducing your chance of having to deal with high altitude related issues. Whatever your destination our specialized supplements for high altitude will help provide you with the support you need to be at your best throughout your stay.